Tips for Financial Awareness

Let’s start with conscious shopping!

With your personal buying habits, you can promote sustainability without giving up or automatically paying more. This allows you to bypass the usual marketing tricks while shopping

  • Not every special offer is a bargain. Especially for branded items, special offers usually cost more than comparable no-name products. On the Internet you will find a list of products with brand and no-name offer originating from the same manufacturer, P directories (bottom right) P No-name products. Or you compare the list of ingredients on the packaging. You can determine which products are similar.
  • For articles of daily use, it is worth taking a look at the lower shelves. Products with a comfortable gripping height are usually more expensive than goods that you have to bend over.
  • Always write a shopping list and stick to it. With a menu plan for the week, you can also shop more targeted and even better use of leftovers.
  • Never go shopping with an empty stomach. If you are hungry, you often buy more than you originally wanted.
  • Do not buy products that are offered in the aisles of the supermarket. Here you cannot compare prices and therefore often buy more expensive.
  • Do not take the big shopping trolley, normal quantities are lost in it. This entices you to put in more than you intended.
  • Put a cloth bag in your pocket. So you do not have to buy a bag even with spontaneous purchases. In addition, the amount remains limited.

There are also cheap alternatives for recreational activities: Cycling tours or hikes with a self-packed picnic basket do not cost much. Families also often get discounted tickets for various events. Instead of a gym, sports clubs are an affordable alternative. Also at second hand stores, in file sharing or public libraries you will find books, DVDs or games that cost little or nothing.

  • Do not be seduced by the offers in the so-called “quenching zone”. This is the area at the coffers with many sweets, especially magically attract children.
  • Basically sleep over large purchase decisions. Ask yourself how long you would have to work for the money.
  • Just switch off energy. The additional costs make up a high proportion of the fixed expenses. With a conscious lifestyle, your family can save a lot of money without sacrificing comfort.
  • You can also save warm water. Generally, you should not heat more water than you need and do not heat it up more than necessary. If you have a single-lever mixer as a tap, make sure that it is not often in the center position. This is just a waste of energy when washing hands, because water is heated, which no longer reaches the tap.

Communication Can Be Cheaper

If you look closely at the telephone, mobile phone and Internet, you can reduce your monthly costs. Therefore, adjust your tariffs to your usage behavior. As a family you should take a closer look from time to time: Who is talking on the phone and how often and how often is the Internet or the mobile phone used?

Save on landline

With many providers, you can book flat rates for landline and internet use. Here you pay a flat rate and can make calls without time limit or surf the Internet. In most cases, flatrates are worthwhile, as they are already relatively cheap. If every family member uses a mobile phone in addition to the landline, you could, for example, B. save the landline.

Cost driver mobile phone

Many people make their decision for or against a particular operating company dependent on which mobile phone is offered. But the associated contract does not always have to suit you or your family. Who wants to conclude a contract with a fixed term, should pay attention to the total cost, for a year, for example. These include the connection costs plus monthly fees plus ongoing call costs. Check with your mobile service provider for the possibility of a partner or family rate to reduce costs.

Prepaid fares are cheaper than ever. Around 9 cents per minute or SMS pay customers at low-cost providers. It is often possible to book packages with fixed conditions for calls, Internet and text messages that can be terminated on a monthly basis. The contract is canceled, which makes a change of provider easier.

What you should pay attention to when signing a contract:

  • Notice period: Contracts with operating companies are usually automatically extended. Keep an eye on the notice periods and check your tariff regularly.
  • One-time connection fee: Many providers require a connection fee at the beginning of the contract. Pay attention to actions where the provider waives this fee.
  • Automatic data: The provider automatically posts extra data volume to your account when you have reached your limit. You are currently contradicting contracts for children of data automation to control the costs.
  • Automatic tariff adjustment: If you use your booked option several times in succession, some providers will automatically rate you to the next higher (and thus more expensive) tariff. This is allowed by law; But you can object.
  • Third Party Subscriptions: Third parties charge subscriptions via the mobile service provider. Such a subscription can already be activated by accidentally clicking on advertising. Only the third-party lock, which you should have set up especially for contracts for children, provides protection against this.